COVID-19 Procedures

Life has been anything but normal this spring and we sincerely hope that you, and your family, are in good health and have been doing well these past uncertain weeks.

We are pleased to announce that the Chief Medical Officer of Health, as well as the Ministry of Health, has approved the gradual re-opening of practices for all Regulated Health Professionals.  We are delighted to inform you that we are once again, able to provide elective dental care for you (and your family).  While many things have changed since then, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your health and safety!  We have always practiced extensive infection and control procedures in our office.  A major impediment to opening immediately has been access to adequate quality PPE so that we can protect you and our dental team. (We just received all the necessary components Friday June 12, 2020).  Furthermore, we have been undergoing some modifications/renovations to our office to protect our patients and staff.

In order to keep us all protected during this pandemic, we have implemented some additional measures that you might notice at your next visit:  

-A plexiglass barrier has been installed at reception. - Additional sanitization stations are available to disinfect your hands. -New patient forms and perhaps others will be more available online to reduce paper contact. -A lot of our reception work will be performed remotely to minimize the number of people at the front desk at any one time. -Washroom access has been restricted. -Waiting room access is also restricted and magazines, toys and other objects removed everywhere. -We have secured PPE to ensure safety for everyone, and you may notice our staff wearing more protective gear such as face shields and gowns – Rest assured we are still smiling underneath! -All common surfaces (door handles, front desk…) will be disinfected regularly throughout the day. - We have superseded some requirements of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons and have chosen to: installed doors on each treatment room to isolate one from another, installed very high end True HEPA air purifiers in each operatory, employed HVAC specialists to undertake to increase HVAC, install whole office HEPA filtration and install UV light sterilization in our return air ducts. We are in the midst of trying to implement new touch less payment options…(Again, anything physically possible to augment protection to my patients and staff!)

In light of COVID-19, the process of booking and attending your dental appointment will also be a little different.  Here is what to expect: -You will undergo COVID pre-screening prior to booking AND when you arrive for your appointment. -Wait in your car or outside until we call you to come in (via text, phone or waving); there is no customary waiting room and you will be taken straight to a treatment room. -Come by yourself; only patients will be allowed in the clinic. -Please bring a mask or face covering: if you do not have one, we can provide one upon your arrival (but please be mindful we do have a finite reserves) and perhaps your own pen for paperwork. - Wear your mask at all times before and directly after your treatment. -Sanitize your hands upon arrival. -You will have your temperature taken and recorded at screening. -As we have restricted washroom access, please use the washroom before coming to the office. -Maintain strict physical distancing with staff and other patients unless otherwise necessary.

-Complete and sign a “Patient Acknowledgement of COVID-19 Risk Form” -We are avoiding cash and cheques; -- Visa, MC & debit please if possible.  Receipts MAY be emailed.

Rest assured, all these procedures are designed to create the safest environment for you, other patients and our team!  On a positive note: Muskoka, and in particular Bracebridge has VERY low incidence of COVID-19, –--- WE WILL BE DOING OUR PART TO KEEP MUSKOKA THAT WAY!!!

We know this seems like a lot of information to process, and we ask that you please be patient with us as we navigate how best to schedule and serve our patients during these unprecedented times.  We are using a PHASED approach to opening beginning on Monday June 22nd and we will begin with dentist only procedures; using a priority system to focus on patients with the most urgent needs.  We anticipate phasing in regular recare appointments with Hygienists in the near future – stand by!

Thank you for your patience and loyalty throughout this ordeal.  We value your trust in us and look forward to welcoming you back and seeing you again!   

If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment – Call us at 645-4151 or Email  


The entire team at Dr. Stuart Robson’s office.